People and friends who have influenced my personal and professional life: 

William K. Zinsser (writing, editing), Rudolf Flesch (writing), Audrey Toptani (first-class professional editing), Herbert Herzmann (academic rigour, Austrian history and culture), Garr Reynolds (authenticity, and a zen approach to presenting written and visual material), Michael D. Higgins (authenticity, fairness, social justice), Julius Henry Marx (humour, life), Mahmoud Chreih (romanticism, clear thinking, the importance of being kind), Edwin Rabbitte O.F.M. (clear thinking), Ned Kelly (artistic transcendence), Phil Noone “Sister Immaculata” (kindness, intellectual curiosity, awareness of the beauty of nature), Máirín Loftus (née Prendergast) (friendship, generosity), Carol Waites (eternal optimism, friendship), Mika Vepsäläinen (friendship, decentness, professionalism), Josie O’Brien (perseverence, optimism).