Declan Coyle, writer, leadership consultant and international keynote speaker
Author of  Living The Green Platform – Life-changing Stories

“Christina O’Shaughnessy is a first-class professional editor. She edited my book Living The Green Platform – Life-changing Stories. Her passion is to make it easy for the reader to read, understand and enjoy a book. What I found great about Christina’s work was that she could spot an awkward sentence, and in a jiffy she could reword it so that it kept the original meaning, but was simply expressed better.

“Christina has a meticulous eye for detail, is a grammatical expert, and is a ‘forensic detective’ in spotting mistakes and typos. She is an extremely hard worker and was always prompt and professional in her responses. She never, ever, missed an editing deadline. To write is human. To edit is divine. Christina is a ‘divine editor’.”

Serguei Malanitchev
, economist, former Chief of Agricultural Quality Standards Section, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

“Christina O’Shaughnessy was by far the best English editor in the UNECE secretariat. She worked on all sorts of documents — from technical papers and international standards to reports, letters, leaflets and politically sensitive statements.

“She does not reduce editing to simply correcting grammar and spelling, but always suggests how to improve the logic, structure and style of the texts.”

Carol Waites
, trainer in English writing skills, Centre for Learning and Multilingualism, United Nations Office at Geneva

“I write weekly writing tips for my ex-students at the United Nations and for people farther afield. I post them on my website and e-mail them to my subscribers.

“Christina brings life to my writing tips.  She improves them stylistically as well as visually by adding colour and other techniques.  Since she’s been helping me, I’ve received nothing but spontaneous praise, whereas before I often received suggestions to help me improve.  I highly recommend her professional editing, along with her human approach to working.”

Steven Vale
, senior statistician, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

“Christina O’Shaughnessy played a key role in the preparation of several of our most popular publications in the Making Data Meaningful series. After individual chapters had been drafted by different subject-matter experts, she provided editorial support and guidance to harmonise the look, feel and style of the texts, to turn them from collections of essays into coherent publications.

“Her vast knowledge and experience of editing official texts and publications was invaluable (and on top of that, she was a very easy person to work with).”

Ed Pepke
, forest products marketing specialist, former Chief of Timber Section, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe/Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

“It was a pleasure to work with Christina. Her skills enabled us to raise the quality of our flagship publication, the Forest Products Annual Market Review, and improve its readability considerably.”

Barry McLoughlin
, historian, University of Vienna, Austria

“The professional editor Christina O’Shaughnessy deserves my special gratitude. She has an admirable gift of spotting clichés and awkward phrasing.

“Her meticulous reading of my manuscript at an early stage was of great value and saved me from many pitfalls.”

Cara Lumen
, writer and metaphysician

Founder, Deeper Song Community; author of I Want to Sing a Deeper Song

“I love to write, but as I’m not big on details, having Christina adds a dimension to my work that I am incapable of providing. She edits my blog, my newsletter and my books and is a vital partner in the effectiveness of my work. Her diligent attention to detail allows me to soar wherever my imagination takes me!  Besides the meticulous line-editing she provides, her insightful copyediting improves the flow of my ideas to make certain there are no disconnections. Christina helps clarify and deepen the reading experience for those I seek to serve.”

David J. Sarquís
, Gerente de Difusión y Relaciones Públicas,

Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares de México

“Christina O’Shaughnessy colaboró como editora independiente con el Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares de México supervisando la edición del boletín Información Nuclear entre febrero de 1989 y enero de 1990. Su excelente desempeño contribuyó a mantener la calidad de la publicación, distribuida en forma gratuita entre el sector nuclear mexicano.”